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Pictures From "Maersk Seeker"
Vessel's specific data
Vessel type:Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessel
Built year:1999
Built at:Keppel Singmarine, Singapore
Length:82.0 metres
Beam:18.8 metres
Max. draft: metres
Capacity:Equipped both for liquid, bulk and dry cargo
Max. load (DWT):3,490 metric tons
Propulsion:2x MaK 8M32 8 cyl 4-stroke diesel engines
2x MaK 6M32 6 cyl 4-stroke diesel engines
Engine output:2x 5,225 BHP + 2x 3,900 BHP
Total 18,250 BHP
Bollard Pull:210 metric tons
Speed:16 knots
Home port:Aabenraa, Denmark
My rank on board:2nd Officer (Maritime Officer 2)
Chief Officer (since 19 Dec 2012)
Ship history:As a result of the offshore market decline during
2016, the ship was sold in Zhoushan, China to be
broken up in December 2016.
After 18 months on Maersk Promoter I switched to Maersk Seeker, also an anchor handling tug (AHTS). AHTS ships can deploy and retract anchors and complex mooring systems for oil rigs, carry out towing operations, diving operations, under water work etc. The list is long.